We are as young as it gets,
taking ten steps at a time.


We are as young as it gets,
taking ten steps at a time.

The Wolf Pack

The army of soldiers building the dream.

Tanmaya Jain, Operations

The smiling leader of the wolf pack you’ll
always find questioning social constructs or
the “why” behind your existence.

Varun Puri, Product

The Batman fanboy, history lover and
cinema fanatic. You can talk to him about
history, philosophy and politics for hours.

Chirag Agarwal, Technology

Our very own data science geek who’s
in love with gaming, science fiction,
fantasy and spiderman.

Akshay Khetrapal, Developer

The college dropout who straightaway
landed in the wolf pack to pursue his passion.
He’s the youngest beer lover we have.

Kunal Sharma, Business

Our daredevil who spent 15 months in
Antarctica, once trekked till Mt. Kailash
and has plans to visit space.

Sandeep Kumar, Developer

Our inhouse foodie who loves to travel
to new destinations. His laughter
can be heard from a mile away.

Aamna Khan, QA

Refers to herself as the Khaleesi.
She likes meeting new people and
wants to visit Iceland and Ireland soon.

Our Allies

The ones whose inputs help us in tough times.

Palash Jain, Chief Mentor

The Ex-Head of Google India Operations
we call our Chief Bomb Defuser. He’s helped
us become who we are today.

Rattan Chugh, Fidelity

As Ex-Country Head of Fidelity, he’s
been playing the devil’s advocate
since the very beginning.

Shyam Gopal, Netsuite

As Ex-Rgnl. Head of Netsuite, our
sales mentor and actor, he sounds
more like a pyschology master.

Ankur Warikoo, nearbuy

As CEO of Groupon India, he’s
the first client who believed in us
and still continues to do so.

Dave Schappel, Amazon

As Director at Amazon California, he
selected inFeedo as one of the few startups
to get thousands in free AWS credits.

Sridhar Seshadri, Google

As Ex-Country Head of Google India, he’s
been a good friend and would love for us
all to move to the Silicon Valley asap!

Romisha Aggarwal, inFeedo

Our first ever engineer, who
left behind some deadly learnings and is
now focusing on her baby.

Abhinav Prakash, Yumist

As the BD guy at Yumist, he’s
been the best friend, the sales hacker and
the first guy to have joined the wolf pack.

Paromita Goswami, SNU

As an Associate Professor, she’s
sown the right marketing seeds in us and
likes to write about us in biz. magazines.

Kapil Gaba, SNU

As an Admissions Head, he’s
been the guy who made sure we focused
on the right things in our college days.

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